The Rogue Crew

Brian Jacques

The Rogue Crew - Jacket

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The twenty-second book in the beloved, bestselling Redwall saga - soon to be a major Netflix movie!

Mossflower Country has never seen a creature more evil or more hideous than Razzid Wearat. Captain of the Greenshroud, a ship with wheels that can sail through water as well as the forest, this beast is a terror of both land and sea. And his goal? To conquer Redwall Abbey.

From Salamandastron to the High North Coast, the brave hares of the Long Patrol team up with the fearless sea otters of the Rogue Crew to form a pack so tough, only they can defend the abbey and defeat Razzid Wearat once and for all.

Brian Jacques is one of Britain's best-loved storytellers - and Redwall is his most famous creation.

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