The Princess Diaries In Love

Meg Cabot

About the book

When Princess Mia finds one of her old diaries, she’s taken back to her first ever Valentine’s Day with Michael . . .

Grandmere’s personal astrologer has predicted that Mia will find long-term happiness with a Leo. But it CANNOT be true. Michael is a Capricorn! Now Mia has to make sure her first Valentine’s Day with Michael is totally perfect.

Then the terrible truth comes out: Michael doesn’t even believe in Valentine’s Day! Can Mia convert her Valentine Hater boyfriend in just two days – and prove their love is written in the stars?

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Publication Date
Macmillan Children's Books
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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mia, valentine, michael, day, princess, diaries, love, finds, back, grandmere, personal, astrologer, predicted, find, long-term, happiness, leo, true, capricorn, make, totally, perfect, terrible, truth, doesn, convert, hater, boyfriend, days, prove, written, stars

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