The Old Man of Lochnagar

HRH The Prince of Wales H. Casson

About the book

"Not all that long ago, when children were even smaller and people had especially hairy knees, there lived an old man of Lochnagar."

Written by HRH the Prince of Wales, before he became King Charles III, this timeless adventure is filled with wild imagination, invention and storytelling joy. It introduces the old man of Lochnagar - a delightfully energetic and carefree character who roams the hills and lochs around Balmoral, interacting with the birds and fish, and also the stranger, secret inhabitants of the locality. It's a celebration of the natural world, and a flight of pure fantasy - a heartwarming glimpse into the imaginary world of the future King. The story is brought to life with wistful, evocative illustrations from Sir Hugh Casson K.C.V.O.

Publication Date
01 August 1991


Book Type
Paperback / softback


The Old Man of Lochnagar - Jacket

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