The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll

Aingelda Ardizzone, Edward Ardizzone

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The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll by Aingelda Ardizzone and illustrated by Edward Ardizzone has been delighting generations of children.
There was once a tiny doll who belonged to a girl who did not care for dolls. One day when the little girl was shopping in the supermarket with her mother, she threw the tiny doll into a deep freeze. So the tiny doll had to stay there, cold and lonely, and frightened by people shuffling all the food round her. But someone came along who felt sorry for her, and thought of ways to make her happier, so the tiny doll began to smile again.

Reissued in 'A Puffin Book' series of Puffin modern classics, this simple story with charming black and white drawings by Edward Ardizzone is a perfect book for young children.

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