The Killer Cat Runs Away

Anne Fine

About the book

Tuffy doesn't feel wanted at home any more. His owners just don't appreciate him. So what if he broke the new TV? Got fur on all Dad's clean clothes? Ate Tinkerbell the kitten's special kitten-food? All accidents! But they're making such a fuss!

So Tuffy decides to make a break for it. He bids farewell to the gang - Snowball, Tiger and Bella - and runs away. But starting a new life isn't easy, and soon Tuffy starts to wonder if he's made a terrible mistake . . .

The Killer Cat Runs Away - Jacket

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RHCP Digital
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tuffy, runs, killer, cat, doesn, feel, wanted, home, owners, don, broke, fur, dad, clean, clothes, ate, tinkerbell, kitten, special, kitten-food, accidents, making, fuss, decides, make, break, bids, farewell, gang, snowball, tiger, bella, starting, life, isn, easy, starts, made, terrible, mistake

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