The Invisible Guest in Moominvalley

Cecilia Davidsson, Tove Jansson Filippa Widlund

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A stunning and classic picture book, with a special textured cover, The Invisible Guest in Moominvalley is the perfect gift for Moomin fans of all ages.

In Moominvalley everyone is welcome. So when Too-ticky arrives with an unusually invisible guest, Ninny, the Moomins endeavor to make their guest feel at home, armed with remedies to gently draw their new guest into visibility allowing her to regain her once lost voice.

This unique retelling of Tove Jansson's touching short story The Invisible Child captures Jansson's wise, perceptive and original voice and includes delicate, painterly illustrations full of character and detail and based on Jansson's original drawings and colour plates.

A new generation of readers will enjoy meeting the lovable Moomin family and friends, with their special values of tolerance, kindness and integrity, as they help feel Ninny feel safe and one of the family.

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