The House in the Woods

Yvette Fielding

The House in the Woods - Jacket

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Stranger Things meets Point Horror in the first of a brilliant new series for readers aged 11+ from Yvette Fielding, British television's first lady of the paranormal and presenter of Most Haunted.

When Clovis, Eve and Tom decide to play with a ouija board in an old abandoned house on Halloween, none of them foresees the horrors they’re about to unleash. What starts out as a bit of fun, soon transcends into something far more terrifying when a distressed and determined spirit follows them home. Before long the friends are caught up in a series of events beyond their wildest imaginings and their journey as ghost hunters begins . . .

'When I grow up I wanna be a ghost hunter!' Keith Lemon

'If you’re reading this scary book in bed then it might be wise to leave the landing light on' Paul O’Grady

'I'm too scared to read this!' Matt Lucas

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