The Grave Robber's Apprentice

Allan Stratton

About the book

All is not well in the kingdom of Waldberg . . .
The orphan Hans is desperate to escape his master, the grave robber Knobbe the Bent.The young countess Angela von Schwanenberg must rescue her parents from the mad archduke.
But when fate flings them together, they find themselves on a daring quest, hurtling through haunted forests, racing down mountains in a coffin and sneaking along underground passageways with a travelling circus. And at every turn, the archduke's Necromancer is there to thwart their progress.
Will Angela save her parents? Will Hans escape his past and find out who he truly is? Or will the evil Necromancer capture them first?

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Publication Date
Faber & Faber
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Paperback / softback

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grave, robber, hans, escape, angela, parents, archduke, find, necromancer, apprentice, kingdom, waldberg, orphan, desperate, master, knobbe, bent, young, countess, von, schwanenberg, rescue, mad, fate, flings, daring, quest, hurtling, haunted, forests, racing, mountains, coffin, sneaking, underground, passageways, travelling, circus, turn, thwart, progress, save, past, evil, capture

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