The Family Fiasco

Anna Wilson

About the book

Ever since Skye Green's mum started dating 'the man next door', AKA Rob, Skye's life has been turned UPSIDE DOWN. Not only is Rob spending far too much time at Skye's house (and forgetting to do really important things like LOCKING the bathroom door when he is on the loo - CRINGE!), his ANNOYING son, Finn is always hanging around too. If that wasn't enough to cope with, Skye's younger brother has become OBSESSED with the idea of being Dorothy in his school's production of The Wizard of Oz - and won't stop singing to the dog who he's started calling Toto.

Just when Skye thinks life can't get any more MORTIFYING, Mum and Rob drop a bombshell. They want to move in together and be a REAL family. Which is OF COURSE when Finn's yoga-loving, art-making, hippie mum decides to come and stay . . .

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Macmillan Children's Books
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Paperback / softback

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