The Dog Ate My Bus Pass

Andrew Fusek Peters, Nick Toczek

About the book

The Dog Ate My Bus Pass is a brilliant collection of hilarious poems featuring some of the world's most incredible excuses, apologies, tall stories and fibs. It is essential reading for all children (and some adults too!).

from The Worst Excuses in the World,

number 5 by Clare Bevan

I'd only left it for two minutes while I built a scale model

of Buckingham Palace out of cheese triangles, when a whole

herd of angry wildebeest stampeded through our back garden,

battered down the kitchen door, and before they vanished

into the shimmering sunset, they trampled my book under

their mighty, thundering hooves, and the dog ate it.

Publication Date
02 January 2004

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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