The Chocolate Monster

Jan Page

About the book

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,' teases Lucy's brother, Matthew.

Lucy doesn't lose things, she insists to her brother, they just disappear! But who'd have guessed that a monster under her bed was taking them? Finally Lucy discovers the monster and his secret passion - chocolate. Before too long, she enters an excellent bargain with the greedy little monster. He gets all the chockie he wants, she gets all her things back...but Matthew's stuff suddenly starts vanishing!

The Chocolate Monster - Jacket

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Publication Date
Corgi Pups
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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monster, lucy, chocolate, brother, matthew, things, locket, lost, pocket, teases, doesn, lose, insists, disappear, guessed, bed, taking, finally, discovers, secret, passion, long, enters, excellent, bargain, greedy, chockie, back, stuff, suddenly, starts, vanishing

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