The Captain Pugwash Comic Book Collection

John Ryan

About the book

This great value paperback collection brings together three classic stories about the much loved bumbling pirate told in comic book format. In the style of Tintin and Asterix, these stories will delight all Captain Pugwash fans as well as make a fantastic introduction to the cowardly captain, his greedy crew, their deadly rival Cut-throat Jake and the clever cabin boy Tom.

In The Secret of the San Fiasco, Pugwash takes his crew on holiday to the wild west coast of Scotland. But in reality he is searching for the wreck of a ship from the Spanish Armada said to be laden with treasure. But Cut-throat Jake is not far behind and lifts the treasure from under the Captain's nose.

The Battle of Bunkum Bay sees Pugwash taking on the might of both English and French navies and becoming embroiled in a major battle, all for more treasure.

And in The Quest of the Golden Handshake Pugwash and crew snatch a genuine treasure map from under the nose of Cut-throat Jake and set sail for The Land of the Stinkas. Little do they know they have stowaways hiding on board, but cabin-boy Tom knows how to deal with them.

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Publication Date
Frances Lincoln Children's Books
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Trade paperback (US)

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