The Boy with 17 Senses

Sheila Grau

About the book

Every resident of the planet Yipsmix has synesthesia�they don�t just hear sounds; they see and taste them, too. On this unusual planet, poor Jaq Rollop must save his family�s farm. To do so, Jaq is forced to sell his beloved pet and only friend. Trusting and na�ve, Jaq gets swindled into trading his pet for a seemingly worthless key. But then something very strange happens. The key leads Jaq through a wormhole to a terrifying and magical land full of riches, overwhelming sensations, and giants. The name of this frightening land? Earth

Publication Date
13 September 2016

Amulet Books

Book Type
With printed dust jacket


The Boy with 17 Senses - Jacket

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