The Aliens Handbook

Herbie Brennan

About the book

In this guide you'll learn:

Who aliens are
Where to find them
How to spot them
What to do if you're abducted.

You'll also read everything you need to know about alien sightings and theories throughout history.

Can YOU afford to be without this book?

Herbie Brennan has cornered the children's non-fiction market with his practical approach. In this book, he presents a comprehensive guide to historical alien theories and documented abduction cases. He examines the science; how do aliens function physically? Where in the universe are they likely to come from? He also gives practical tips on constructing equipment at home for picking up alien signals. And, he exposes alien frauds - the methods people use to fake abduction experiences.

Publication Date
07 April 2005

Faber & Faber

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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