The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

Thornton W. Burgess

About the book

Introduce a new generation to Thornton Burgess'Jimmy Skunk, the good-natured character who is usually left alone because of his potent "perfume."
Like all of Thornton Burgess' characters, Jimmy Skunk's natural instincts are completely accurate, but his personality is easily relatable!
Jimmy Skunk thinks that the old barrel at the top of the hill will be a perfect place for a restful nap. But mischievous Peter Rabbit thinks up a way to upend this plan, very literally, and even arranges that Reddy Fox will get the blame - and a dose of Jimmy's "perfume." But Jimmy figures out the truth and makes sure that Peter gets his comeuppance with the help of a nest of yellow-jackets. Later, when Jimmy gets a hankering for some fresh eggs, he and Unc' Billy Possum wind up in a pretty pickle in Farmer Brown's henhouse.
Originally published in 1918, this book will inspire giggles and gasps from another generation as readers and listeners will learn about skunks, opossums, and life in the meadow through the eyes of Jimmy Skunk.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk - Jacket

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Publication Date
Seagrass Press
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Paperback / softback

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