Storytime: Be Careful, Barney

Lucy Barnard

Storytime: Be Careful, Barney - Jacket

About the book

Barney is a very adventurous little fox club.  His mummy always says 'Be Careful, Barney!', but he just won't listen.
Barney thinks being daring is great fun;  instead of riding his bike like his friends,  he performs tricks. He loves to dress as a  superhero and pretends to fly by leaping  from a great height. Barney's mummy always  dreads going to the park because Barney  hangs upside down from the climbing frame  by his tail and yells 'Faster' on the roundabout  even when his friends want to stop.
But when Barney's class go on a school trip,  the little fox discovers just how dangerous  his behaviour is. Despite being told not to go  near the river, Barney tries to cross it, falls in  and is carried away! Barney's friend Trevor  finds a branch and manages to save a very  scared Barney .
The next day, while at the park, Barney is  tempted to hang upside down as usual,  but then he remembers how scared he felt  when he fell in the river and how worried his  mummy had been. He runs to find his friends  and soon discovers that he can have just as  much fun without taking so many risks.
Part of the QED Storytime series, this  beautifully illustrated book introduces young  children to the pleasures of reading and  sharing stories, and includes supporting  notes for parents and teachers. Storytime has recently featured on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories.

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