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The heart-stopping, action-packed sequel to GLOW. Onboard the Empyrean - Seth is mysteriously released from his cell in the brig when an explosion rocks the ship. Kieran accuses Seth of causing the explosion but it has in fact been caused by a saboteur - a stowaway from the New Horizon - who is using Seth to cover his tracks. Waverly agrees to help Seth on his mission to find the stowaway, but is punished by Kieran for colluding with Seth. How will the thorny, passionate love triangle between Waverly, Seth and Kieran resolve itself?

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seth, kieran, explosion, stowaway, waverly, spark, heart-stopping, action-packed, sequel, glow, onboard, empyrean, mysteriously, released, cell, brig, rocks, ship, accuses, causing, fact, caused, saboteur, horizon, cover, tracks, agrees, mission, find, punished, colluding, thorny, passionate, love, triangle, resolve

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