Beth Ashley

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From award-winning journalist Beth Ashley comes a groundbreaking investigation into the history of slutshaming, how it continues to affect us today and what we can do to fight it.

Whore. Hoe. Jezebel. Harlot. Slut. Five words. One meaning.

But what exactly is a slut? How has the concept changed over time? And why is slutshaming so dangerous?

In this groundbreaking investigation, Beth Ashley reveals the truth about slutshaming, gives us the tools to fight it, and encourages us all to have better conversations about sex.

The fight starts now.

"Beth Ashley takes a fascinating deep dive into the history of slutshaming. Along the way she challenges taboos and misconceptions and reframes the patriarchal narrative to explore how we can celebrate positive attitudes to sex" - Service 95, Dua Lipa's Book Club

Publication Date
09 May 2024


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Sluts - Jacket

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