Shylock's Daughter pb

Mirjam Pressler

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'Facinating and Moving' Sunday Times

Venice, 1568 Jessica is sixteen - and trapped. She's tired of the endless rules of the Jewish Ghetto. Tired of her father Shylock's meanness. Now she wants to be free.

Lorenzo is everything Jessica ever wanted - handsome, charming, aristoratic and flattering. Jessica can't help but fall in love. After all, Lorenzo is surely her way into a wonderful new life.

But Lorenzo is a Christian and Jessica is a Jew. And the price of freedom can be desperately high...

'Extraordinarily powerful.' Literary Review

'An eye-opening and empathetic novel, with resonancesfor any society where racism exists and cultures clash. Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times

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Macmillan Children's Books
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Paperback / softback

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