Shark Wars: Into the Abyss

E. J. Altbacker

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The third adrenaline-pumping title in the new Shark Wars series. Perfect for boys and girls of 8+ and all fans of Beast Quest. This is Star Wars underwater!

Gray and his shark clan have defeated the maniacal emperor Finnivus and his vicious Indi Shiver armada. But Finnivus is still plotting. This is the ruler who feasts on the heads of every shark he conquers, after all.

When Finnivus's gangs of soldier fish strike, Gray and his friends endure a loss bigger than any before. And this time there's no one left to tell Gray what to do. He's got to lead the rebels into battle for the ultimate fight of good against evil - everything depends on Gray now!

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E.J. Altbacker, the author of the brilliant new Shark wars series, is a hollywood screenwriter whose credits include work on various television programmes including Spider-man and Extreme Ghostbusters. He holds an MA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute.

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