Science Crackers: Crackling Chemistry

Steve Parker

About the book

What happens when a fire burns? Why does a sponge have bubbles? Why does chocolate melt?
Learn about the exciting world of atoms and  materials and how we use them every day. 
Bursting with amazing images, fascinating  facts and cool cartoons, Crackling Chemistry  is a great book for all budding chemists  wanting to understand the chemical world.
Science Crackers:
This exciting new series will satisfy the most enquiring young scientific minds! With a back-to-basics approach to the core topics, these books investigate science in a clear and concise way.
Simple practical activities will help children understand how science is relevant to their everyday world.

Titles in the Science Crackers series include:
Fizzing Physics:  HB  9781848355583  PB  9781848355620
Crackling Chemistry:  HB  9781848355590  PB  9781848355637
Bubbling Biology:  HB  9781848355606  PB  9781848355644
Awesome Astronomy:  HB  9781848355613  PB  9781848355651

Publication Date
01 July 2011

QED Publishing

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Science Crackers: Crackling Chemistry - Jacket

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