Science Crackers: Bubbling Biology

Steve Parker

About the book

Why do some plants have flowers? What is the largest living thing? How fast can a shark swim?
Find out how plants, animals and microscopic  organisms live, grow and survive.
Bursting with amazing images, fascinating  facts and cool cartoons, Bubbling Biology  is a great book for all budding biologists  wanting to understand the living world.
Science Crackers:
This exciting new series will satisfy the most enquiring young scientific minds! With a back-to-basics approach to the core topics, these books investigate science in a clear and concise way.
Simple practical activities will help children understand how science is relevant to their everyday world.

Titles in the Science Crackers series include:
Fizzing Physics:  HB  9781848355583  PB  9781848355620
Crackling Chemistry:  HB  9781848355590  PB  9781848355637
Bubbling Biology:  HB  9781848355606  PB  9781848355644
Awesome Astronomy:  HB  9781848355613  PB  9781848355651

Publication Date
01 July 2011

QED Publishing

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Science Crackers: Bubbling Biology - Jacket

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