Exploding Beetles and Inflatable Fish

Tracey Turner Andrew Wightman

About the book

Enter the hilarious world of Sam Quigley, the strange-fact-obsessed owner of two stick insects called Twiggy and Wiggy in Exploding Beetles and Inflatable Fish.

Sam really likes interesting facts, the kind that will make you shout "Wow! I never knew that". Things like:
- Woodlice don't wee – instead a smelly gas comes wafting out of their shells
- There is a fish with a stomach so stretchy it can swallow things twice as big as itself
- Bombardier beetles can explode like toxic water pistols!

Written by Tracey Turner, this STEM-focused book is packed with incredible facts and stats about the world’s weirdest animals. With a narrative that will have readers hooked, plus cool cartoon-style illustrations by Andrew Wightman, it’s a perfect book for fact fans, animal lovers and reluctant readers alike.

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Publication Date
Macmillan Children's Books
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Paperback / softback

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