Saddle Club Super: The Secret Of The Stallion

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club Super: The Secret Of The Stallion - Jacket

About the book

It’s going to be one of the most amazing adventures The Saddle Club has ever had! Stevie, Lisa and Carole are going to horsey England. They’ll even ride in a show on the grounds of a real castle.
Then Lisa discovers an ancient, unsolved mystery about the duke who once lived in the castle. The duke buried treasure under the stall of his spirited stallion. Tragedy struck – the barn burned down and the stallion perished. A year later, the duke’s body was found in the same spot, his hands clutching a single fire opal. Legend says the treasure will be found by a rider with fire in his heart…
Join The Saddle Club as they try to uncover the secret of the stallion.

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