Saddle Club Book 16: Horse Games

Barbara B. Hiller

About the book

Stevie is excited about a great new sport – polocrosse. When she learns that the Horse Wise Pony Club will be playing against her boyfriend’s team, she’s thrilled. Now she’ll finally have the chance to show him what a good rider she is! Her best friends, Carole and Lisa, are enthusiastic about anything to do with horses, but they don’t share Stevie’s fierce drive to win. Carole would rather spend time with her new friend Marie, who was injured in an accident. Marie needs help, and Carole knows that horses are the answer. Is she can interest Marie in riding again, she’ll be on the road to recovery.

When Stevie sprains her ankle, her determination is as strong as ever. Carole and Lisa thought she was a terror as a player, but they can’t believe what she’s like as a coach! Her competitive spirit is starting to threaten their friendship. What will it take to get the Saddle Club team spirit back again?

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