Saddle Club Book 15: Team Play

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club Book 15: Team Play - Jacket

About the book

A riding team from Italy is coming to Pine Hollow, and Stevie volunteers to entertain them during their visit. It’s a job that stuck-up Veronica diAngelo wanted for herself, and now Veronica is determined that Stevie will pay!

Suddenly, with the big weekend approaching, Stevie finds out that someone has “volunteered” her to organize the annual school fair, to run the Children’s Hospital Festival, and to debate for election as class president. They all take place on the same day- just when her Bar None Ranch friends, Kate and Christine, and the Italian riding team are due to visit! Can one person do four things at once? With the help of her Saddle Club friends and a lot of imagination, Stevie is determined to try. The result will be the greatest event ever… or the biggest disaster of all time!

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