Saddle Club Book 12: Rodeo Rider

Barbara B. Hiller

About the book

Carole, Stevie and Lisa can’t believe their luck when they get another chance to visit their good friend Kate Devine at her family’s ranch. The Bar None. It’s a perfect time to visit, since the annual rodeo has come to town. Eli Grimes, who works at The Bar None, will be in the rodeo, and the girls can’t wait to watch him compete.
But the girls hear some bad news when they arrive. The Bar None has lost a lot of business to a flashy new ranch closer to town. The Devines may not be able to keep their ranch running much longer. That’s when The Saddle Club – including new member Christine Lonetree – comes up with a plan to help. They’ll enter the rodeo’s barrel-racing contest and carry off the cash prize! Can Christine, Kate, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa pull out all the stops and win big for The Bar None?

Saddle Club Book 12: Rodeo Rider - Jacket

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