Saddle Club Book 21: Race Horse

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club Book 21: Race Horse - Jacket

About the book

When Carole discovers that her horse Starlight has a slight injury, she’s disappointed at having to spend the next two weeks without a mount. But Judy, a local veterinarian, has an idea: Carole can spend her time with dozens of horses, helping Judy out after school and at the weekends. Carole jumps at the chance, especially since among Judy’s ‘patients’ are some magnificent racehorses. What could be more exciting than working with a stable full of beautiful thoroughbreds?
But Carole soon learns that caring for racehorses isn’t all fun. During a race, a horse named Prancer is badly injured, and she’ll never compete again. When Prancer’s owner immediately decides to sell her, Carole is horrified. Can she and the rest of The Saddle Clun find a new home for the beautiful racehorse?

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