Saddle Club 65: Silver Stirrups

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club 65: Silver Stirrups - Jacket

About the book

Carole Hanson is used to being the best junior rider at Pine Hollow Stables. She doesn’t need to brag about it, but she takes it for granted, in a quiet, nice way. Then a new rider starts taking lessons at the stables – and she’s not only younger than Carole, but also a better rider!
Carole soon realizes that the new girl excels in the saddle, but on the ground she’s got a lot to work on. With dread, Carole realizes that she is the best person to help this motherless girl with her problems. But can she forge a friendship with someone she envies? Carole is fighting a battle with jealousy – and it looks like the green-eyed monster is winning!

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