Saddle Club 64: Horse Capades

Barbara B. Hiller

About the book

The Saddle Club’s number one practical joker, Stevie Lake, has decided to reform. The only problem is, no one believes her. Maybe that’s why no one in the cast of the video Stevie is making for school will cooperate. Cinderella on Horseback? Puh-leease! It has to be a setup to make them look stupid and give Stevie the last laugh.
That’s when the stars of the film – Stevie’s best friends, Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood, and Stevie’s boyfriend, Phil – plan a few tricks of their own. The only problem is, the jokes are having a ripple effect. Everyone at Pine Hollow Stables is about to get a taste of practical joking, Saddle Club style.

Publication Date

RHCP Digital

Book Type
Digital (delivered electronically)


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