Saddle Club 56: Cutting Horse

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club 56: Cutting Horse - Jacket

About the book

Teen star Skye Ransom is on location at the Bar None Ranch out West. And he’s hired the girls of The Saddle Club to be his technical advisers! Skye’s character has to ride a cutting and roping horse, but the Hollywood-style steed he’s been given doesn’t know a cow from a camera. Carole, Stevie and Lisa get a brilliant idea. But to pull it off they need help from their friend John Brightstar, who works at the ranch – and John doesn’t want to help. He’s had it up to his ten-gallon hat with the California movie crew! It looks as if The Saddle Club is in a fix that will have the movie director looking their way and shouting, “Cut!”

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