Saddle Club 40: Gift Horse

Barbara B. Hiller

Saddle Club 40: Gift Horse - Jacket

About the book

Stevie Lake is ecstatic. After years of wanting a horse of her own, her parents have given her “No-Name”, a beautiful Arabian-Saddlebred. And everyone can see that the frisky, sassy mare is the perfect match for a fun-loving rider like Stevie. Now all she has to do to make “No-Name” hers is come up with a fitting name.
But before Stevie can find a name for the beautiful mare, her happiness is abruptly shattered. During a Pony Club exhibition, another girl claims that No-Name was stolen from her family’s barn. Could Stevie’s new mount really be the horse the other girl calls “Punk”? Is Stevie about to lose her dream horse forever?

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