Roll Over Roly

Anne Fine

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When Rupert's parents go to Great Uncle Perry's funeral, Rupert spends the day with his Great Aunt Ada, along with his unruly puppy, Roly. Great Aunt Ada is determined to teach Rupert some manners. Rupert thinks the day is going to be awful until hemeets Gordon, a very rude parrot. Gorden is even worse than Great Aunt Ada, and he bosses Rupert and Roly so much that they tidy the whole house. They are relieved to get back home, but they do remember their manners!

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Roll Over Roly - Jacket

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rupert, great, roly, aunt, ada, day, manners, roll, parents, uncle, perry, funeral, spends, unruly, puppy, determined, teach, thinks, awful, hemeets, gordon, rude, parrot, gorden, worse, bosses, tidy, house, relieved, back, home, remember

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