Reckless II: Living Shadows (Mirrorworld)

Cornelia Funke

About the book

Jacob has saved his brother from the Mirrorworld, but now he will pay a terrible price. A fairy's curse is burning in his heart, and to break the spell he must embark upon a perilous journey - with his trusty friend Fox by his side - to seek out the only treasure that could save him.

Jacob's search for the golden crossbow will lead him across hundreds of miles by land and sea, to an invisible, enchanted palace within the Dead City. It will bring him face to face with vicious beasts, bloodthirsty giants, and a deadly stoneĀ­faced rival.

It will test his courage like never before.

Living Shadows is the second book in the thrilling Reckless series.

Reckless II: Living Shadows (Mirrorworld) - Jacket

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Publication Date
Pushkin Children's Books
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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