Puppy Patrol 27: Boomerang Bob

Jenny Dale

About the book

The twenty-seventh book in this hugely appealing dog series set in busy King Street Kennels.Comprising boarding kennels, a dog training school, as well as a rescue mission for stray and mistreated canines, the Kennel provides the ideal venue for doggy adventures and misadventures of all kinds. Here the owners' children - Neil, Emily and Sarah - rescue, care for and love a host of adorable animals.In this book: The Parkers go to Australia to visit Great Aunt Victoria's grave - but before they've even left the airport, Neil finds a stray dog in need of help!

Publication Date
12 November 1999

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Puppy Patrol 27: Boomerang Bob - Jacket

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