Princess Poppy: The Fashion Princess

Janey Louise Jones Samantha Chaffey

About the book

A brand-new story in the best-selling Princess Poppy series with gorgeous coloured pages!

Poppy and her grown-up cousin Saffron are in New York for Fashion Week. While they're in town, they'll be hooking up with Bryony Snow, the Editor of Buttons & Bows Magazine as part of their prize for Saffron's Sewing Shop being chosen as the best boutique by the magazine. (read all about them winning this prize in The Big Mix-Up)

They've got an action-packed itinerary including glamorous runway shows, a tour of the city and lots more surprises in store. But when Poppy and her new friends find the supermodel, Tallulah Melage, sobbing in a corner after a row with a world famous fashion designer she realizes that fashion is not all fun and games . . .

Join Poppy and Saffron on their adventure in the Big Apple and find out whether their homespun values and fabulous fashion sense triumph stateside.

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