Pretty Funny

Rebecca Elliott

About the book

"This book is filled with loveable characters, witty dialogue and proper LOLS which made recording the audiobook hard - because I kept giggling!" Sharon Rooney

Does anyone ever really want to 'fall' in love? Knowing me I'll just trip over it and graze my knee on the gravel of humiliation.

Haylah Swinton is fairly confident she's brilliant at being a girl.

She's an ace best friend, a loving daughter, and an INCREDIBLY patient sister to her four-year-old total nutter of a brother, Noah.

But she has a secret. She wants to be a stand-up comedian, but she's pretty sure girls like her - big girls, girls who don't get all the boys, girls who a lot of people don't see - don't belong on stage.

That hasn't stopped her dreaming though, and when the seemingly perfect opportunity to write routines for older, cooler, impossibly funny Leo arises . . . well, what's a girl to do? But is Leo quite an interested in helping Haylah as he says he is?

Will Haylah ever find the courage to step into the spotlight herself? And when oh when will people stop telling her she's 'funny for a girl'?!

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