Pony Tails 7: Jasmine Trots Ahead

Barbara B. Hiller

Pony Tails 7: Jasmine Trots Ahead - Jacket

About the book

The Pony Tails are excited when their riding teacher, Max Regnery, announces a plan to pair each younger rider with an older rider for a week. Then there’ll be a competition to see who’s learned the most – complete with rosettes! Jasmine is thrilled when she discovers she is to work with Carole Hanson, the best rider at Pine Hollow Stables. But another younger member, Erin Mosley, is jealous. Will Erin’s nasty schemes ruin Jasmine’s chances of winning a rosette? Not if the Pony Tails can help it!

From the author of the bestselling series, The Saddle Club.

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