Terence Blacker

About the book

Danny Bell is an ordinary twelve-year-old with an ordinarily messed-up life. His mum has left home and his has-been rock star dad sits in front of the TV all day. So when Danny hears of ParentSwap – an organization that helps kids with failing families to find new and better ones – he’s willing to give it a go. Life with the rich and powerful Harrisons is pretty cool, until Danny discovers that he has been specially picked as the unwitting subject of a reality TV show, with hidden cameras following his progress. Now he must play the manipulating producers at their own deceptive game, in a secret, nerve-racking battle of wits that leads to an astonishing climax at a rock concert at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen herself takes a hand in Danny’s far-from-ordinary life!

Terence Blacker’s new children’s novel tells a funny, clever and fabulously entertaining story set in a subtle, cynical and crazy TV world to which young readers will instantly relate.

Publication Date
01 July 2005

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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