Outcast of Redwall

Brian Jacques

About the book

Ferret Swartt Sixclaw and badger Sunflash the Mace are arch enemies who have sworn a pledge of death upon each other.

Meanwhile, the Abbess of Redwall has banished a young creature from her Abbey. This harsh sentence forces a heart-breaking decision upon a young Redwall mousemaid and ultimately links her destiny to. . . . the Outcast of Redwall.

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Outcast of Redwall - Jacket

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Publication Date
Red Fox
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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redwall, outcast, young, ferret, swartt, sixclaw, badger, sunflash, mace, arch, enemies, sworn, pledge, death, abbess, banished, creature, abbey, harsh, sentence, forces, heart-breaking, decision, mousemaid, ultimately, links, destiny

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