Our Twitchy

Kes Gray

About the book

Twitchy and his family eat carrots and live in a burrow just like an ordinary rabbit family. But one day Milfoil the cow and Sedge the horse decide to tell Twitchy they are not his real rabbit mum and dad. Twitchy is so upset he is convinced that he must turn himself into a horse or a cow so Sedge and Milfoil will still love him. So he pegs up his ears like a cow's and makes his tail long like a horse's; and he moos and he neighs just like his adoptive parents. But Milfoil and Sedge don't want him to change. They love him just as he is, as much as if they were his real mum and dad. And they always will!

Our Twitchy - Jacket

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Publication Date
Red Fox
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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twitchy, milfoil, cow, sedge, horse, family, rabbit, real, mum, dad, love, eat, carrots, live, burrow, ordinary, day, decide, upset, convinced, turn, pegs, ears, makes, tail, long, moos, neighs, adoptive, parents, don, change

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