Only a Show

Anne Fine

About the book

Anna is thrown into a panic at school when the teacher announces that each member of the class must do a five-minute show on Monday morning. Everyone except Anna seems to have ideas but Anna can't think of anything to do. She worries all through theweekend and no one at home is helpful. On Monday morning she is resigned to giving a boring talk about what she did in the holidays, but when everyone else gives a great performance she knows she can't do this. She decides to take a chance and takesScruff, her rabbit puppet, out of her bag and gives the magic show she usually does for her young brother. Much to her amazement her act is a huge success.

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show, anna, monday, morning, thrown, panic, school, teacher, announces, member, class, five-minute, ideas, worries, theweekend, home, helpful, resigned, giving, boring, talk, holidays, great, performance, decides, chance, takesscruff, rabbit, puppet, bag, magic, young, brother, amazement, act, huge, success

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