Oksa Pollock: The Forest of Lost Souls

Anne Plichota, Cendrine Wolf

About the book

Trapped in a nightmare. No one has ever escaped... Her powers are growing. So are the dangers

Oksa Pollock has made some pretty incredible discoveries in the last few months, not least that she's the queen of the lost magical land of Edefia. As if that wasn't enough for any thirteen-year-old to be dealing with, her mother is still desperately ill after being attacked by Edefia's unscrupulous enemies, and now her best friend in the whole world, Gus, has become trapped in the Forest of Lost Souls.

Entering that terrifying place is the rescue party: Oksa and a few fellow Runaways-including the moody, mysterious Tugdual. In the forest the group must all face their own personal demons, not to mention an assortment of horrific creatures, in a desperate attempt to bring Gus back alive.

But even if Oksa and her group make it through the wastelands and the monsters, there are greater threats to face: betrayal, grief, and the end of the world itself. And it's only just beginning...

The Forest of Lost Souls is the second book in the phenomenal Oksa Pollock series, following on from The Last Hope. The third in the series, The Heart of Two Worlds is coming soon.

Praise for The Last Hope

'Great fun' -- Financial Times

'Fantastic' -- Guardian Children's Books

'The first title from the French children's series combines action, excitement and new worlds.' -- Natasha Harding, The Sun

'A feisty heroine, lots of sparky tricks and evil opponents could fill a gap left by the end of the Harry Potter series' -- Daily Mail

A thrilling, magical adventure ... enchanting. -- Booktrust

'An adventure that rivals the Harry Potter books' Bookseller

The French Harry Potter. -- Guardian

'Unforgettable and compelling adventures' Armadillo

'Great fantasy novel... will be a classic of the fantasy genre' Cuckoo

A fantastic novel... I loved this book... I can't wait for the next one! Whoo hoo!' -- We Sat Down

I was instantly drawn into this magical "other" world' -- Serendipity Reviews

'Such a great children's book, and I cannot wait for the next book to be released' Goodreads, 4/5 stars

Anne Plichota was born in Dijon, France, and after studying Chinese language and culture spent several years living and working in Korea and China.

Cendrine Wolf was born in the Alsace region of France. She studied sports, and went on to work with teenagers in deprived neighbourhoods.Cendrine and Anne have been friends for almost two decades and have always wanted to find a project to work on together (including plans to open an English delicatessen in eastern France!) They are glad they finally found one.

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