No Use Crying

Zannah Kearns

About the book

Secrets, secrets, secrets, she thought.

It’ s just another word for lying.

The discovery of a grandfather Niki thought had died years ago means a sudden move to London and the start of a whole new life.

Niki has to learn quickly to fit in and survive in the school halls and on the tough streets. And at the same time she must get to know her grandad and come to terms with the fact that her mum has been hiding the truth.

But when Niki suddenly discovers her mum’ s biggest lie of all, could it change their relationship – and Niki’ s own sense of identity – for good?

This warm and powerful coming-of-age story is a sparkling debut from a brilliant fresh talent, filled with colourful characters that will stay with you long after the book is finished.

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Publication Date
01 September 2011

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Book Type
Trade paperback (US)


No Use Crying - Jacket

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