Nina Fairy Ballerina: 9 Glitter Club

Anna Wilson Nicola Slater

About the book

When Bella and her friends read about the new Glitter Club in their favourite magazine, Glitter Girl, they all want to join. They can wait to start working for their Gems and are excited to discover that they can use their ballet skills to earn the ‘Performer Gem’. As half term is coming up, Bella decides it’s the perfect opportunity to hold a sleepover and obtain her ‘Hostess Gem’. But once back at home it doesn’t seem like such a good idea at all, and Bella starts to misbehave . . .

Publication Date
04 May 2007

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Nina Fairy Ballerina: 9 Glitter Club - Jacket

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