Myth Busters: Body Bloopers

Clive Gifford

About the book

Myth Busters: Body Bloopers takes readers on a wild ride through the human body in search of the truth!

Have you been told carrots improve your eyesight? Or that junk food causes spots? Think again! Conspiracy theories, popular trivia, old wives' tales, common misconceptions and misinterpretations are explored to untruth exactly why they are wrong, and how and why they were adopted as fact in the first place.

Thoroughly entertaining with fun typography, fast-paced text written by Clive Gifford, light and fascinating side-stories, and lively, photo-montaged illustrations, this big huge compendium of curriculum-led subjects appeals to today's technological-savvy children. Fully detailing each myth and error, along with its historical or scientific background, each falsehood is debunked, and then a full explanation of its true facts are presented.

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