My Sister's A Yo-Yo

Gretel Killeen

About the book

When Eppie falls into a pot hole, gets squashed to the size of a strawberry and becomes completely entangled in her brother Zeke's yo-yo, Zeke only has a day to get her back to normal. What follows is a hilarious high tale of escape, theft, bullies, brats, goody-goodies, garbage trucks, magic lamps, scabs, snot, bribery, bravery, a blind mum, a fat nurse and a boy on a bicycle covered in something very unsavoury - and that's only the beginning! This slapstick adventure, bursting with anarchic energy has enormous child-appeal for even the most reluctant reader.

Publication Date
30 May 2012

Penguin Random House Children's UK

Book Type
Digital (delivered electronically)


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