My Little Book of Sharks

Camilla de la Bedoyere

About the book

How do sharks find their prey? What is a group of sharks called? How many teeth does a shark have?
Find out all of this and much more in this book all about sharks. Combining easy-to-read text with stunning photographs, even the most reluctant of readers will be hooked.
Learn all about famous sharks such as the Great White and the Hammerhead, but also discover sharks that you never knew existed! For example, did you know there is a Pyjama Shark? Or that the biggest shark is also the biggest fish on earth?
My Little Book of...
This series provides first introductions to key non-fiction topics and includes stunning photographs and bite-size chunks of easy-to-read text.
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Publication Date
15 January 2015

QED Publishing

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My Little Book of Sharks - Jacket

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