My Footprints

Bao Phi

About the book

Every child feels different in some way, but Thuy feels "doubly different". She is of Vietnamese origin and she has two mums. Thuy walks home one winter afternoon, angry and lonely after a bully's taunts. Then a bird catches her attention and sets Thuy on an imaginary exploration. What if she could fly away like a bird? What if she could sprint like a deer, or roar like a bear? Mimicking the footprints of each creature in the snow, she makes her way home to the arms of her mums. Together, the three of them imagine beautiful and powerful creatures who always have courage - just like Thuy.

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Paperback / softback

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thuy, footprints, feels, mums, home, bird, child, doubly, vietnamese, origin, walks, winter, afternoon, angry, lonely, bully, taunts, catches, attention, sets, imaginary, exploration, fly, sprint, deer, roar, bear, mimicking, creature, snow, makes, arms, imagine, beautiful, powerful, creatures, courage

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