My First Bible Stories

Katherine Sully Simona Sanfilippo

About the book

Twelve beautifully illustrated stories from the  Old and New Testaments provide the perfect  first introduction to the Bible.
Combining simple retellings with charming  artwork, these well-known and well-loved  tales are perfect to read together with young  children or for older children to read for  themselves.
The language is simple and easy to understand,  while detailed illustrations support the text and  provide ideal opportunities for spotting things  and further discussion.
Titles include:
Daniel and the Lions           Noah's Ark
David and Goliath               The Birth of Jesus
Jonah and the Whale           The Baptism of Jesus
Joseph's Colourful Coat       Jesus and his Disciples
Moses in the Bulrushes         The Miracles of Jesus
The Last Supper                 The Easter Story

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QED Publishing
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